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Community Server Rules

Ensuring a Fun and Safe Environment for All Members

1. No Swearing or Inappropriate Language

   - Swearing is permitted in moderation, but never directed towards other players. Zero tolerance for racial, homophobic slurs, suicide encouragement, or explicit conversations.

2. No Inappropriate Voice Chat Behavior

   - Prohibited topics, yelling, trolling, and the use of disruptive voice changers are not allowed.

3. No Advertisements

   - Do not promote other Minecraft/Discord servers. Social media promotions are fine if content relates to CrosslandX. Advertising in the /auction house is also not permitted.

4. No Spamming

   - Any form of excessive spamming, including excessive caps, character dragging, or spacing out words, is prohibited.

5. No Disrespectful Behavior

   - Respect all members; refrain from unkind remarks or choose not to engage.

6. No Threats

   - Any form of threats like DDoS, DOX, or real-life threats will result in a permanent ban.

7. No Impersonations

   - Avoid impersonating staff or other players within the server.

8. No Abuse of Glitches

   - Report server bugs or glitches in our Discord Ticket section for rewards. Exploiting bugs without reporting will lead to a permanent ban.

9. No Inappropriate Structures

   - Offensive or inappropriate structures will face consequences.

10. No Griefing or TP Trapping

   - Stealing or tampering with another player's builds or claims is strictly prohibited.

11. No Scamming or Casinos

   - No scamming or hosting casinos is allowed under any circumstances.

12. No Hacked or Cracked Clients

   - Hacking, auto-clicking, or any unfair advantage-seeking methods are forbidden.

13. No Religious, Political, or Social Discussions

   - Discussion of these topics is not permitted in chat.

14. English Only In Chat

   - To ensure proper moderation, we enforce an English-only chat rule.